Board of Directors

Steven Haverty

Great Lakes Steamship Society President and founder Steven Haverty is a 7-year veteran of sailing the Great Lakes as a deckhand, watchman, and wheelsman.   He has extensive knowledge of the workings and maintenance of a vessel from his time as a crew member, as well as having been a shipkeeper during winter layup, and a member of the crew on a large scale vessel conversion project.  A longtime maritime enthusiast, Mr. Haverty has spent over 20 years collecting artifacts, photographing, and studying Great Lakes maritime History.  On top of being an amateur historian, and avid boat watcher, most of his other hobbies include history or antiques in some form or another, with the desire to save and preserve history anywhere he can.

Kevin J. Foster

Mr. Foster retired as chief of the National Maritime Heritage Program of the National Park Service. He received his M.A. in history from the program in maritime history and underwater archaeology at East Carolina University. He has published widely on the preservation of maritime properties, archaeology, and naval and technological aspects of the Civil War at sea. He wrote more than 40 National Historic Landmark nominations.

Richard Jenkins

An avid maritime historian and longtime proponent of steamship and railroad preservation, Richard Jenkins has been actively involved with several railroad and maritime preservation groups, and has worked aboard historic ships including the Tattershall Castle in London and the William A.  Irvin in Duluth. He currently works as a website designer and developer in Boston.

Leroy A. Rubinas

An outspoken advocate for the J.B. Ford’s preservation for over 20 years, Leroy Rubinas has volunteer experience with the Underwater Archeology Society of Chicago, Chicago Maritime Museum, and Lower Lakes Maritime Museum. Mr. Rubinas holds a B. S. degree in Business Administration, A. S. degree Marine Engineering, Member Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers. He is also a Freelance photographer and has been detailing the history of the JB Ford since 1991 through his research and photographs.